My sessions are truly a complete carnal experience. Professional Dominatrix Maryland

I command the ultimate sacrifice that you have to offer me, lasting for days, months and possibly years. Your Suffering leads me to a head space that can only heighten my sensual pleasure. You become my vassal, a conduit for my pleasure, as it should be. Since I do offer total domination within your areas of interest that are my desires as well, I can be creative and design a special scenario or setting to enhance our total experience in which I am expert. I am very diverse in my desires and quest for a great session. Thus, I am always searching for the ultimate play time with my submissives.

I am not a “scripted” mistress, so please don’t hand me a list of your likes and dislikes. Domination is about being totally controlled by an expert who understands how to put you into a particular head space that is pleasing, thus, you being totally owned and controlled without any say whatsoever by you.

If you cannot do this, then I am not the one for you. Since I love what I do and exact my skills very well, I do prefer an extended time to keep you as my slave. I specialize in long term sessioning and weekend getaways at my lair! My passion is for you to have a lasting experience, one that you won’t forget. My overnight and weekend facility is top notch with all the amenities of comfort!

Passions of Dominance:Professional Dominatrix Washington, DC

  • Sensory Deprivation, including heavy leather bondage and restraint, rubber encasement and complete immobilization through various techniques and equipment,
  • Rope Bondage and severe restriction,
  • Medical play,
  • Sensation Therapy and Training,
  • Role play,
  • Electro Play,
  • CBT, NT,
  • SOP,
  • Ball kicking/punching/slapping,Professional Dominatrix Baltimore
  • Corporal Play,
  • Punishment Scenarios,
  • Domestic Discipline,
  • Humiliation,
  • Cross Dressing/Transformation,
  • Sissification,
  • Adult Baby,
  • GS, RS, BS, Ruby (occasionally),
  • Breath Play,
  • Suspension.


I won’t discuss any kind of “rate” like most. I prefer to be gifted for my valuable time, service, and areas of expertise. Please email me for more information about this. Since I am not a greedy person and very generous with my time, I am open to almost any discussion. I will not discuss any discounts or negotiations, what I tell you is what you will do or keep l    Professional Dominatrix Northern Virginiaooking for someone else as your Dominatrix. Each professional appointment is determined by me how I want to be gifted. At the time of your application you will be told what I will expect from you, plain and simple with no exceptions. You must be 25 years of age to be qualified to see me. If you don’t meet this requirement, please don’t waste my time. I feel that you must have a level of maturity before I can connect with you. I am sure you understand. Since this is about me, but also to have a mutually fulfilling time for both of us, I appreciate this consideration. Domination is not prostitution, so don’t even ask, I don’t engage in any illegal activities. You must also be free from alcohol or drug use while in my presence. If I find out that you are under any influences you are ESCORTED out immediately. You will find me to me very caring and concerned, I am very compassionate as well as passionate about my career and lifetime hobby I’ve chosen!

Booking A Live Session:

My requirements for booking a session are simple. First, please send me the proper letter of introduction about yourself! Tell me how you heard of me and where. I also like to know some details about your experiences in the realm of b/d s/m. This also should include who you’ve sessioned with as well as what you’ve done in “scene”. Don’t worry, by giving me this information, discretion is of the utmost importance. I am a true professional. By providing me with as much information as you can though, it helps me to know you better before our “journey”. The more that I know about you the better our time together will be.

I also like a description of your thoughts and fantasies that you have. Some people have very perverse thoughts, where others merely think of tame scenarios. Your vivid imagination tells me about your thought process involving others in our scene and how graphic your mind can be, thus lending to creativity on both our parts!

If I feel that you are worthy of my time, then I simply email you letting you know of the availability in my schedule. Once we confirm our time together you will also be given directions to my lair. I DO NOT give out my address until you follow my process correctly.

I prefer booking my sessions over the internet as opposed to the telephone. I get over 100 phone calls per day and it’s hard to answer the phone and session with my subbies/slaves, so please refrain from calling. If you must use the phone please leave a message, speak slowly and leave your number I will call you back.

All my rules and tributes are reasonable, but non-negotiable!