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Mz Fawn Baltimore Maryland Mistress

My first experience with Mz Fawn:

I am a slave who has never met a Mistress like Mz Fawn. She is a caring, sensitive, intelligent Mistress and PERSON.

We first got comfortable with each other through email and then I was lucky enough to be invited to her dungeon. In my first session I was fortunate to get a cancellation because normally a session had to be scheduled well in advance. When I arrived, we spent quite a while just chatting and getting to know each other to make sure that we were as compatible as we thought. I told her everything about me and my slave experiences. The sharing of this information about each other is, in my opinion, more important than any punishment, abuse and humiliation that I will ever receive. To have a successful and long Mistress/ Slave relationship we got to verbally know what turns each other on. As a slave I need to know my role and everything about my Mistress. And she needs to know all about me. I was allowed to rub her feet, as we listened to each other intently. I told her all my domination likes and dislikes and fortunately for me everything I told her was on her list of fetishes. Whenever I come to her dungeon, I told her I will come well dressed, clean and always feeling good about myself. In building a Mistress/ Slave relationship this is very important because I always want her to look her best for me, her slave.

I was then given a tour of her dungeon which she is very proud of and said that she has plans to continually update. She asked me to get into my briefs while she went to prepare herself. She came back into the dungeon stunning and gorgeous. My mouth opened in happiness and a chill came across my entire body with joy. She did allow me to touch and message her zones that were outside of her outfit. This was very enjoyable part of the session because a slave’s role is to make his Mistress always smile and be happy. Our time together must be about both of us.

I am not going to tell about everything that transpired because that is for other slaves to find out about if they are lucky enough to be chosen to enter Mz Fawn’s dungeon. All I want to say is that this slave had the time of his life. It is true that Mz Fawn is not a clock watcher and I was so relaxed and pleased to be under her control.

I am so happy that I found Mz Fawn and I wish our paths had crossed earlier in my life. My first session will be the first of many and I plan to be always loyal and obedient to Mz Fawn forever.

Slave Charlie

Mistress Fawn is everything she says in her web site and more. Her pictures do not do her justice. I contacted her on e-mail and after a few exchanges, we set up an agreeable time. Mistress is busy, and setting up an agreeable time was not easy but she is worth the effort. She desires to keep a low profile at her place of business, so her instructions must be followed to the letter. Mistress Fawn interviewed me when I arrived to determine level of experience and interests. We chatted for a while, and I think we were both very comfortable before the session started. Mistress Fawn is well traveled and articulate. She gave me a guided tour of the most extensive dungeon I have ever seen. She requires a 1.5 hour session for first-time visitors.

Mistress Fawn had me strip and then wait in the dungeon for her arrival. She came in a black lacy outfit that accentuated her ample breasts. The image was stunning. She told me stand next to a padded table and bend over it to allow her to discipline my ass. She also made it clear that any release I might have would be a reward, not a guarantee. She used a series of paddles, whips, and flogs to beat my ass until I sobbed in pain from the bruising. She moved from side to side on my ass, instinctively knowing how to vary the strokes to elicit pain. Her skills with selection of tools and pressure of her strokes kept me guessing. She has a very large selection of tools. Mistress Fawn grabbed my balls and penis and said that they were hers, not mine and made me tell her the same.

When I almost could not take any more, she directed me to lie on my back then suspended my legs from the ceiling with my wrists shackled to the table. She put a small dildo gag on my mouth and restraints on my penis. Then she applied multiple (seemed like six or eight) electrical pads to my penis, balls, and ass. She tested the voltage levels to see how much I could take. Next was a symphony of electrical pain that had my entire body writhing as the voltage varied. I have never felt anything like it. Everything from my ass to my penis felt like it could explode. After she had cranked up the voltage, she sat on my gagged face and masturbated herself with a large vibrator while I writhed in time with her electrical stimulation.

Mistress Fawn’s pussy smelled wonderful, I wish I could have given it more attention, but my gag kept me in line. Then she put a mask on my face and started the serious work on my ass with her dildo. She said it was small, but the sudden assault was intense. She fucked my ass to levels of pain I wouldn’t have dreamed of enduring. The progression on my ass from beating to electrical and then dildo play stretched my limits both mentally and physically! Mistress Fawn is a master of her work.

Mistress Fawn fucked my ass for several minutes; the awful pain was wonderful. She then positioned me in a device I don’t know the name of. It was kind of like the Chinese finger trap that will not release you as long as you pull on the device. It covered my body from head to toe. When I was fully enclosed, she raised the device off the floor and I could not move at all, only sway slightly. I was completely helpless hanging in the device. Mistress Fawn released her breasts from her top so I could see her large and erect nipples. She seemed as excited as I was. It was a gorgeous sight that had me hard in no time. She fished out my balls and penis from the straps that encased my body and applied her large vibrator to my cock. It felt wonderful. In no time, I was begging for her permission to cum. I could hardly contain myself and exploded when allowed.

What an amazing experience; I have been with a few other mistresses, nothing compared to this. Mistress Fawn is experienced, beautiful and wickedly attentive. I completely trust her abilities and judgment. She is not a clock watcher; I completely forgot it was a service. I can hardly wait to visit her again and again.


Slave Tim

After the most exquisite BDSM experience of my life, all need to know how absolutely wonderful Mz Fawn is as a professional Dominatrix!

Initially, Mz Fawn meets with the prospective client in a parlor setting to discuss likes, dislikes and limits. Here, She does very well at putting the client at ease and seriously increasing the subbies level of anticipation.Northern Virginia Professional Mistress

Mz Fawn’s facility is the paradigm of BDSM playlands!! Her play space is equipped fully to cater to just about any fetish or need and Her wardrobe is extensive and astounding! There are many rooms which are lavishly equipped to accommodate every fetish from simple to complex to outright bizarre.

During the encounter, Mz Fawn is a consummate accomplished professional. She works within the subbies limits and brings the subbie to new heights of submissive ecstasy. Mz Fawn is very well versed in her trade and can satisfy the most discriminating subbie. After over 25 years in and out of the scene, I can testify that Mz Fawn is the absolute BEST!

After the encounter, there are proper bath facilities for the subbies return to the vanilla world. Additionally, Mz. Fawn allows for a really nice cool down time! She is not a clock watcher – rather tailors the session to the subbies fetishes and then fully explores those fetishes.

Mz Fawn is a true professional – very highly recommended with absolutely no reservations!Enjoy all! Call Mz. Fawn! Life is too short to miss an encounter with this consummate Domme!

Mz Fawn:

Thank you for your note. I have not had the pleasure of meeting you.

The writer to the list was seeking contact information for you. I felt comfortable passing that along together with a recommendation based on my independent reviews. Through review at, particularly, Max Fisch, chats with other submissives, and other inquiries, I am aware of your very good reputation.

Your own essays reveal a very thoughtful person with a real respect and appreciation for the consensual exchange of power.

More than perhaps you need or desire to know, but for future reference, I am a novice with limited real time experience. My primary interests are in cross-dressing and feminization, forced or otherwise. I am very submissive and attentive when dressed. I would be interest in exploring other elements of Dominance/submission play such as corporal punishment and restraint as you might fit into an appropriate scene. At one level the scope of your experience and facilities is well beyond my immediate interests, but your professionalism, experience and apparent enjoyment of power exchange activities suggests that you might find time with a sincere novice energizing and enjoyable. Gratifying you would be very important to me.

I am, now, 50 (Whoa! How did that happen?), 5’9″, 155 pounds. My 40 yard-dash time is down a bit, but I am in good health.

So, we have established a connection here. Circumstances limit my ability to play, but if time allows me to follow up in the future, and you are inclined, let us connect again.

Warm regards and best wishes to you and yours for a joyous holiday season.


Dear Mz Fawn,

Thanks again for seeing me yesterday. I could not stop thinking about you and our time together as I drove home. You were so beautiful that I was still thinking about you and your perfect figure. At the end of the session when we were speaking, I couldn’t help but marvel. The corset that you were wearing framed your shape so seductively that I have no words.

As usual, you had me moaning, sobbing, grinding all at once. I was on the edge of both tears and orgasm so many times. You could have pushed me over the edge of either at any time. Truth be told, I was secretly begging so hard in my mind for you to please do it. All of the pent-up energy was begging and pleading to come out. Alas, no luck. Your master plan needed to be obeyed.

I drove home totally bonked. The world faded into the back round and all I remembered were the wonderful endorphins that you gave me. You are one of only three people that I have met in twenty years that can make me float in subspace.

Anyway, thanks again. I don’t know when I am coming back to DC, but I will let you know. Please take care of yourself and let me know how you are doing.


This story is probably overdue, but maybe it is better written after some time to reflect. This session, my first with Mz Fawn took place late last year at her new studio in Baltimore. I had long admired Fawns website, and from reading her posts and reviews here on Maxfisch she seemed to be very accomplished and knowledgeable. She proved those expectations and more to be correct. We exchanged a few quick emails, and she gave me permission to call and discuss some session details. Talking to Fawn was immediately like talking to a friend. We talked for quite a while about interests, experience, etc. When I hung up I had a feeling that this session was going to be a very good time.

Mz Fawn gave me instructions for meeting up for the session, and I had a little misunderstanding following directions. This mishap resulted in a 45-minute delay that made her quite pissed off (not that I can blame her). Seeing her angry with me instantly put me under her spell and in my place. She was very understanding though and even moved some things around later in the day so we could have a full session together. Thank you again Fawn!

When we got into her studio, she gave me a tour of her fantastic facilities and then instructed me to strip. A cock-ring came out and I was wrapped up tightly and told me to sit and wait while she “went to get sexy.” Sexy was an understatement. I quite honestly don’t remember exactly what she appeared in, but it was red, black, leather, fantastic and from there my mind started racing.

Fawn wanted to warm up with some ass worship, which I obviously had no objection to. She had me kneel on a pillow as she leaned over her bondage table. I was enraptured by her presence and beauty. I was told to caress and kiss her over her leather skirt, which began to make me whimper in submissive desire. Next it was up onto the bondage table where my wrists and ankles were put in straps. Fawn began to shave me bald, as we talked some more. I was in heaven.

Washington, DC Professional Mistress

I found that she loved electrical play, and I had no experience so that was on the menu next! She has an amazing device that some of you with electrical play would probably recognize. Let me just say WOW. Two straps were wrapped around my already drooling cock and a little egg placed elsewhere just to add to the stimulation. She explained that with this setup some people loose control right away so she was starting out slowly. The current started flowing through me and the writhing in ecstasy/agony began. It’s a tough sensation to explain but if you have never done it, I highly recommend it. About halfway through experimenting with this, Fawn found a nice setting that had me grinding and moaning and she climbed onto the table with the magic wand and me. I had a nice little puddle of pre-cum on my stomach from the electricity. She was so close, teasing me, and from my guess she was enjoying it about as much as I was.

After the electrical play wrapped up, I was led back into her “soft” room, where I was placed in the leather swing for some good old-fashioned anal play, which I made no effort to hide how much I loved. Fawn warmed me up with some gentle milking, and my prostate was quite swollen and hard from the 4+ days without having cum. She looked up at me as my eyes were rolling back in my head and laughed. “You have that puppy dog love look all over your face,” she said. It was true!

From there she broke out some of her dildos from the cabinet and strapped one on. Fawn told me that I was quite good at taking a large cock right from the start. I guess that is what happens when you are turned on enough to climb the walls!

She got a nice rhythm going on, grabbing the chains that hold the swing and just pulling me onto her cock. I was in heaven. The feelings and pressure built and built inside, and then I could feel 2 solid anal orgasms roll in on top of each other. Hmmm. Those never get old. She disappeared into the other room briefly and came back with the magic wand again. Yeah, it’s called magic for a reason. That thing could wake the dead with its power, and about 10 seconds later I was looking into her bright eyes as I let loose with the final massive contraction and sprayed all over my chest. Fawn wasted no time scooping it and putting it back where it came from, to my delight.

Some aftercare, a quick shower and a wobbly walk down the stairs and I were back out in daylight. What a time.

Thank you Mz. Fawn! I look forward to seeing you at ClubFem and in private again very soon.