Your Professional Dominatrix in Washington, DC

Passion Magazine Interview

Mz Fawn is a Fem Dom Goddess who uses her experience and insight to completely dominate all men who come into contact with her. Enchanting, seductive, and inventively cruel, she finds the root of one’s darkest fear and exploits that for her own amusement and benefit.

In this sizzling hot interview, Mz Fawn shares some delicious stories of humiliation and laughs at the weakness of those who bend to her will.

Without further ado, here is Mz Fawn!

1. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Mz Fawn and I’ve been a Professional Dominatrix for 12 plus years in the Baltimore-Washington area, dominating and humiliating men is my true passion in life and I am very expert at it! I dominate and humiliate by various methods of physical, mental and verbal abuse. Men are my toys, and I use them as such! I would consider myself to be completely Fem Dom in my lifestyle and my thinking.

2. What is the cruelest thing you have ever done to someone?

The cruelest thing that I’ve ever done to someone was to nail my slaves balls to a board, making him jerk off while I humiliated his small penis during a girls night out that I host at my house each month for all my Domina friends. Since I am the head mistress of the Club FEM Chapter in Maryland, it is very easy for me to get large groups of women together for some entertainment all at the male creature’s expense! It’s so much fun to deny and then make them do the very thing that they can’t as well while you have them enslaved in a physical predicament as well. Cum eating is also very cruel with a slave that is repulsed by it. I enjoy getting what I want in what ever method it takes to do so. Slaves are here for my entertainment, and I take full liberties in making sure I am especially cruel and denying. I know that I have truly broken someone when they are totally submissive to me and fully compliant and helpless begging me to release them or to stop; screaming and pleading for mercy. My favorite words are mercy mistress; I can’t take it any more. It’s about the only thing that really brings a big smile to my face.

3. What is your favorite way to humiliate someone?

My favorite ways to humiliate someone is to find out what they hate or fear the most and then exploit and make fun of that. Many slaves are repulsed at cum eating; yet they insist on touching their pathetic member to make themselves cum. If they want to do that, then there are ramifications for such an act; cleaning up the pathetic cum snot and mess that they made by eating their man load in front of my friends or being fed the cum snot by a very humiliating method of having it poured down their throat while their mouth is held open by a dental gag. Sometimes I like to bring another male slave in and have him shoot a load right in the bitches mouth! Okay, I can go on and on, the more perverse and shocking to the slave; the better and the more I get off on it! I also love cuckolding my lovers, and small penis humiliation is always on my A list too!

4. What are some telltale signs of weakness?

Tell tale signs of weaknesses that a slave has are easy to read – simply because they will act differently towards certain types of activities, discussion and play, thus making it really easy to spot and exploit. Making a slave face his/her weaknesses also allows the slave to press beyond his/her limitations which allows for the mistress to really take them very far into the depths of their inner sanctum of humiliation, submission and the physical acts of B/d S/m. This is so important for a mistress to expose the weakness because she will own the slave’s mind, body and soul when she can get in and get the slave beyond all their limitations. All good mistresses look for weaknesses specifically do all of the above.

5. How do you go about exploiting someone’s weaknesses?Professional Dominatrix in Northern Virginia

I think that exploiting someone’s weakness is easy since you already know what it is, but I like to zero in on the fears and the things that are most embarrassing to them and continually use my verbal skills of humiliation or cuckold my lovers when they have small penises blaming them for the reason why I love big cocks. I like making the slave/cuckold feel like less of a man because he doesn’t have the “tool” to do the job. I feel fulfilled when I have successfully belittled my slaves and reduced them to nothing after their weakness is exposed. I also like to tell others about my slave’s deficiencies whether in a large group setting or just a few women.

6. What is your favorite thing about being truly dominant?

Truly my favorite thing about being dominant is the fact that I have power and total control over another person’s life! It’s just a feeling of euphoria to feel this and I get more and more powerful the more my slaves are submissive and humiliated by me. I truly feel that the male creature is less than what I am. Men should all be enslaved and serve the goddesses and Fem Doms in their lives!

7. What are some of the many things that make you better than those around you?

Some of the things that make me so much better than those around me is the fact that my mind is “hard wired” differently because of my beliefs in fem Dom. I do believe that women are superior, and I live my true life that way. Also in my professional life I am booked solid because I am not a clock watcher and I actually like the practice of B/d S/m. I don’t treat it like a job; I truly enjoy the total power and control of a male creature and bringing them to a state of submission and helplessness that few women can fathom. It’s not just done by beatings, but it’s more mental and breaking down the persons will, thus enslavement becomes easier. I do believe in total enslavement and that is precisely why I was appointed the Head of the Maryland Chapter of Club FEM which is a national organization that subscribes totally to the FEM DOM lifestyle of enslavement and total FEM DOM philosophies. Many others just go through the motions whereas I can only look forward to my next challenge of breaking down a male creature for my pleasure and entertainment. I could go on and on because it’s so much fun being different from all the rest, but seriously I feel like I can do almost anything in my dominance and usually accomplish everything plus more with my male subjects.

8. Scientists have found that the major sub-interests of Dominance/Sadism are: Administrations of Pain, Bondage, Humiliation, and Dominance. Which of these are you most drawn to?

I am mostly drawn to the fine art of bondage, dominance and humiliation because these are definite acts that require some degree of creativity and skill. Pain is the result of the physical acts involving S/am activities and while I won’t rule that out, I believe that suffering for your mistress is so much better when the brain is tortured with the mental manipulations of thought patterns and various mental exercises. Humiliation, bondage and dominance all allow for those things to be possible and make for very interesting experiences.

9. What do you find truly sexy?

I think it’s very sexy to totally own several men and control all aspects of their lives. It’s so hot to have a hot, rich, handsome slave adores you so much that he gives it all up for you! Now that’s sexy! Sexy is also a state of mind… a state of mind that is totally fem Dom always.