How to contact me:

Before you contact or call me, please send me a letter of introduction. Tell me about yourself, your experiences, and your specific areas of interests. I have several locations: Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, DC and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. It is important I know where you will be coming from so that I may see you at one of my convenient locations. My spaces for play are designed for many delights. Each location is fully equipped. I tailor each session and experience to my perfection.
I prefer those who have experience, and I like long extended day and night sessions. I also entertain weekends and multiple day sessions as well.
I never session with anyone that is under the age of 30.  I don’t enjoy playing with other Pro Dommes, as I am a true alpha female and a dominant woman. I will not see you if you do not provide me with what I ask for.  Being properly vetted is paramount.

In some cases, you must be prepared to prove your age to me if I deem necessary.  I will determine if a consultation is necessary w/you. I DO NOT provide escort services or a “Girlfriend” experience.  I am also not “nude.”
I am a Dominatrix. Being a Dominatrix is NOT prostitution.


Maryland Professional Dominatrix

Contacting Me:

My session hours are:

8 AM to 8 PM

Weekend availability both Saturday and Sunday.

If there are extended sessions times, multiple day sessions, weekend sessions, please include that in your letter if introduction.

My preferred method of contact is through email, but I am also open to phone calls.

I absolutely will NOT take block calls!  If  you can’t be 100% transparent, I’m not interested.

I will not discuss a “rate” or money randomly; you must be worthy and present yourself appropriately to me.

Method of contact


• Telephone: 443-798-5273

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