I am a highly sensuous and sensory driven woman; I have been most of my adult life. Compassion mixed with the above traits, plus a sadistic streak has made my journey very interesting as a Professional Dominatrix.  Most people have viewed me as different from most women.  I’m a dominant and alpha female. I pride myself on the fact that I can do what other women only dream about. The fine art of domination is about, power, control and skill.

Baltimore's Premier Professional Dominatrix

I love the effect that I have on individuals interested in experiencing my skilled hand and mind. I was raised Catholic and went to a strict Parochial school–Suppression creates expression! To this day, I feel as though my past has “led” me to where I am now.  I have many fantasies and fetishes. I love to play according to the vibes I receive from my submissives and people who “submit” to me. I learned as a young woman about my “power” and ability to get others to do what I wanted through mental manipulation and total control. I’ve always been attracted to individuals with a certain personality type. This personality type is called a submissive or slave in my world of domination. I still seek a certain personality type to fulfill and satisfy my need for dominance.

Domination was not a learned behavior for me. It has always been a thought and desire for many years. I had the need to do things of physical and mental nature, mainly with submissive subjects. My Dominance always brought me a level of satisfaction and pleasure. I began to make this fine art of domination my hobby while a college co-ed in the Baltimore, MD area. I explored my inner kink fantasies using men, woman, and couples as my subjects.  I also wanted to experience the edge of my own psyche.

With all this said, coupled with years of safe, sane and consensual experience in the Washington, DC,  Baltimore, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas. I’ve come to love my loyal following. I have a full stable of submissives and slaves who now continue to serve me. Domination for me is not about whipping, beating, or suspending someone in mid-air, it is about me and what I desire to do for a certain effect that satisfies my inner being. This life has become my world of fantasy where individuals can experience their kinks, passions, and submissiveness free of judgment. When you enter the world of “Fawn’s Lair”,  you enter understanding that I may hurt you, but never harm you. I may manipulate you, but never scar you. I may take you on a journey, but you will always land on your feet.

Other publications

In addition, if you want to read more about me, I’ve been published in several national magazines pertaining to this lifestyle and have recently been working on my book, entitled “When the Leather Comes Off” due for publishing. My articles and interviews can be found at Get Kinky, Celestial Publications, Penthouse Letters and Passion Magazine. I travel extensively and have been known to fly to Paris or London for just pure-play time.